A SPORTS BRA REVOLUTION SHEFIT® was designed by a woman for all women. Whether you’re an A or an I cup, an athlete or a nursing mom, you can feel empowered to be your best “I believe all women deserve to be empowered, to be supported.” -SARA MARIE, SHEFIT FOUNDER

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DELIVERING UNCONDITIONAL AND TOTAL SUPPORT WHAT WE BELIEVE We’re exceptional the way we are. We deserve essential gear that rises to the occasion. We need a bra that refuses to settle. For women of all shapes and sizes, SHEFIT beats the bounce and lifts our confidence. With unparalleled, scientifically-backed support, we finally move the way we were born to. BORN OUT OF FIERCE DETERMINATION, GRIT, AND PERSISTENCE

Shefit is a labor of love designed by a woman that believes that nothing should hold women back. A professional fitness competitor, Sara Marie had tried all of the so-called best sports bras on the market, sometimes wearing 2 or 3 bras at a time. And they all fell short. She wanted to be able to set her level of fit and support. But nothing like that existed: The bras made her fit them, not the other way around. It forced her to hold back, to modify her workouts. And her self-confidence suffered.

Sara Marie realized she wasn’t alone. Women all over shared her struggle. She knew there had to be a better way. So, armed with a maternity bra and glue gun, she created the first Shefit prototype. She was determined to provide the support women deserve in a sports bra. Today, her Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra delivers scientifically-proven support to women of all shapes and sizes. Delivering 33% more support and 33% less bounce than leading brands. That’s radical support.


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